Netcad World

Important Visit to Netcad

Netcad hosted an important visit in its Ankara office in recent days. Led by Prof. Mustafa Babanlı, the rector of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ADNSU), the delegation was welcomed by Netcad, where important issues were also discussed.

During the meeting held at Netcad's office, the current state of bilateral relations between ADNSU and Netcad, the establishment of the Netcad Technology Center within the university, and future expectations were discussed. Both sides were excited about the establishment of the Technology Center, as they emphasized that it would equip students with better skills and be a significant step for their careers.

Additionally, the meeting touched upon topics such as the educational process within the Netcad Academy program, internships established for university students under Netcad, and joint research and development projects to be developed.