NETTOP is a Netcad module that provides solutions to the special parceling and distribution problems of land arrangement operations in the form of land consolidation in areas that are divided due to inheritance and other reasons and that have not lost their operational efficiency, in accordance with the legislation.


With the NETTOP module, process steps such as creating a project file, transferring cadastre and title deed data to the project, creating index maps and calculating parcel/block value numbers, executing block design and distribution operations and preparing EC reports are performed.


Main features of the product

You can check the technical specifications page to review detailed features and technical descriptions.

Technical Specifications
Reports in accordance with DSI Technical Specifications
Reports in accordance with DSI Land Consolidation and On-Farm Development Services Technical Specifications can be generated. In the reports, the heirs are shown in different colors, the shares and Identity Number information of the heirs and owners are shown.
New Distribution Screens
In the renewed Distribution editor, the remaining shares of parcels and  blocks can be colored and thus the occupancy rates of the blocks can be easily identified.
Filtering the Title Deed Registries, Updating the Registries
The "Verbal Data Transfer" window has been designed in order to read and update the Title Deed Registries. Thanks to the Verbal Data Transfer window, you can view the title deed registries, add filters and read the title deed registries that match these filters before uploading your title deed verbal data to the project. Title deed data can be reported in Excel format before being inserted into the project.
Project Control from Single Screen with Project Control Menu
The controls of the project can be performed on a single screen at different stages of the project. As a result of the control, parcels that do/do not comply with the criteria can be reported, monitored on the graphic screen, and verbal information of the parcels can be modified.

NETTOP Features

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