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Key features of the product

The capabilities of NDU.

NDU manages telemetry data in the Cassandra database and accelerates time series queries with unlimited storage and analysis capabilities. Thanks to horizontal scalability, the platform developed with microservices maintains consistent performance using a complex load balancing algorithm.
Netcad Digital Universe (NDU) provides developers with the opportunity to develop their own codes and services through SDKs and APIs. Custom developments can be made with support for Python, Java, and C++. Users are free to choose the programming language while using NDU services and sending telemetry data.
Experience a customizable control panel and visual programming interface with user-friendly widgets with NDU! Bring your projects to life quickly and easily with drag and drop method.
Alarm Management
NDU allows you to create and manage alarms related to your assets. It offers real-time alarm monitoring and asset hierarchy propagation features. It escalates alarms in case of connection interruption or inactivity.
With NDU, you can create dashboards offering visual solutions and device controls with over 30 customizable widgets (live charts, maps, indicators, and more) designed specifically for your business needs or develop your own unique designs. In this way, NDU puts you a step ahead in your industry by increasing opportunities for efficiency, traceability, and control.
Mobile Application
With NDU, control is at your fingertips anywhere and anytime! Access all functionalities on your mobile phone and follow dashboards, alarms, and reports through our mobile application. Whether at home, at work, or outdoors, stay constantly connected with our smart solutions.

NDU sectors

You can find the areas where NDU provides solutions here.

Food and Agriculture

In the field of food and agriculture, efforts to reduce water consumption and carbon emissions by focusing on urban consumption and production, increasing production and consumption of alternative meat and meat products, increasing agricultural activities focused on local production and consumption, and spreading plant-based nutrition are gaining prominence. Our IoT platform can provide services in the following areas by conducting NDU-based studies for the digitalization of agricultural areas and activities:

Greenhouse Control Centers: Together with partner companies that will work together for automation and control projects, we can digitize the control, monitoring, reporting and prediction systems of greenhouse areas and transfer them to the NDU side.

Soil and Crop Analysis: We can provide soil and crop analysis, reporting and prediction studies through sensors and modules via the NDU platform.

Field and Garden Automation: We can develop NDU-based applications for energy management, irrigation control, tracking of pesticide periods, and tracking of crops to be cultivated.

Foreign and Harmful Animal, Object Tracking and Obstruction: We can work on tracking animals and objects that have the potential to harm agricultural areas and obstruct them with water/sound, and producing alarms through the NDU.

With the integration and adaptation capabilities of our IoT platform, we can offer innovative solutions in food systems and sustainable agriculture, increasing your business's efficiency and eco-friendly practices.

Waste Management

To address the growing global waste issue, the NDU platform plays a crucial role in digitalizing waste management and recycling processes. According to World Bank data, there is a 33% gap in waste management, and this problem is expected to grow in the coming years. NDU helps local governments and municipalities overcome this problem by making waste management processes more efficient and sustainable.

The NDU platform facilitates inter-municipal vehicle, equipment, and labor sharing by creating sharing and rental centers. This way, municipalities can provide a more economical and environmentally friendly waste management process.

In tracking waste storage centers and transport vehicles and detecting leaks, NDU provides valuable information with its data collection and analysis capabilities, assisting in taking effective measures. Moreover, it facilitates the transition to safe and efficient waste management practices for businesses by providing image processing and platform support for automatic separation of hazardous wastes on waste sorting belts.

To optimize waste collection services from different suppliers, it integrates with route creation and optimization hardware and software. It also provides map and platform support to autonomous cleaning devices, enabling municipalities to benefit from this innovative technology and further improve their management processes.

NDU provides important information in detecting waste systems near water resources and determining the causes of pollution, contributing to the production of effective solutions.

The NDU platform offers sustainable and innovative solutions against increasing waste management problems, helping municipalities and local governments cope with this significant issue and contributing to a cleaner and more livable world by protecting our future.

Energy Management

Buildings and energy management constitute a crucial area for reducing carbon emissions and achieving climate action targets. Here are some significant solutions provided by our IoT platform for cities and buildings:

Tracking and Reporting Energy Performance Indicators: Developing systems that monitor and report the energy regulations and mandatory performance indicators of existing and new buildings.

Providing Hardware and Platform for Emission Reduction Policies: Supporting policies aimed at reducing emissions within buildings and cities.

Real-Time Carbon Emission Monitoring with IoT: Offering IoT solutions that monitor carbon emissions in cities and buildings in real-time.

Clean Energy Distribution and Carbon Emission Management: Managing carbon emissions with switching solutions focused on the distribution of clean energy within buildings, from production to distribution.

Innovative Energy Planning and Achieving Clean Energy Targets: Offering innovations and technological novelties in energy planning, stakeholder participation, and access to financial resources to reach clean energy targets.

With our IoT platform, companies can offer efficient and sustainable solutions in building and energy management, reducing carbon emissions and reaching green energy targets. This platform is equipped with flexible and integrated solutions and can be easily integrated with different hardware and systems.

Climate Change and Water

Cities face significant adaptation issues to adjust to climate change. Problems with water and food security, as well as shelter, are particularly important for agricultural producers and the urban population. In this context, solutions such as early warning and emergency response systems, tree canopy, urban cooling, sea level and life forms monitoring, water security, and agricultural areas should be developed to adapt to climate events and increase resilience.

The NDU platform can offer solutions working in the areas of water and adaptation. It can work for tracking water resources, safety and control applications, and tracking and measuring the effects of climate change in the field of adaptation.

In collaboration with partner companies and solutions, it can offer services in the areas of water and climate change such as monitoring, managing, wastewater and pollution tracking, natural disaster prevention and monitoring, monitoring environmental conditions, and soil monitoring.

Air Quality

A large portion of the urban population cannot access clean healthy air, and this situation creates adverse effects on the economy and public health directly and indirectly. Policies and programs addressing this issue are increasingly on the rise. Air pollution leads to the premature death of approximately 6 million people each year, and a large portion of the world population lives in regions that do not comply with PM pollution guidelines. As a solution proposal, it is recommended to expand city-wide air quality measurement, distribute measurement points, and focus on policy development to reduce air pollution.

NDU offers solutions in the following areas regarding air quality solutions:
  • Integration of air quality measurement and monitoring systems,
  • Real-time dashboard, reporting, forecasting, and early warning systems,
  • Powerful solutions with mapping features and low network expenses,
  • Collaboration on hardware standards and calibration.

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