KEOS, (Urban Automation System) is a set of systems created for sustainable city information system applications.

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Daily Data Processing

KEOS (Urban Automation System) is a set of sustainable city information system applications. Engineering, planning and cadastral projects produced with Netcad GIS are collected in a central data source together with their geographical location and attribute information. These data transferred to the central data source are structured in an integrated manner with web-based maps and verbal information servers.

KEOS basically aims to increase in-house efficiency and service quality by ensuring that all local government units work in an integrated manner.


Main features of the product

For detailed information, you can check the technical specifications page.

Technical Specifications
KEOS Applications
All applications that are open to citizens and used in municipal services are combined under the heading of KEOS. All data transferred by the municipality to the central database can be managed via KEOS. With map-supported data queries, services regarding the pharmacy on duty, shortest path analysis, online zoning status and park and garden management applications, the daily operation of the municipality is facilitated and citizens are well informed.
Easy Access to Information
KEOS ensures that the knowledge of the municipal staff is transferred to the central data source. Organizational memory is generated by eliminating individual-dependent information sharing. With KEOS, all institutional personnel can quickly access accurate data when needed.

General Applications
KEOS stores the data content of each unit in line with institutional needs in order to produce a common data infrastructure. The KEOS system architecture has been designed with Netcad GIS capabilities for the needs of the municipality personnel who produce data in daily operation. With integrated data production and management capabilities, the requirement of geographical information access of municipalities is ensured securely and quickly.


Citizen Applications
KEOS provides solutions to daily municipal workflows. It also provides solutions to the citizen service of the municipalities.



KEOS based web applications


Why our users like KEOS?

We offer service to our users in more than 200 municipalities and 40 water and sewerage administrations to achieve their goals.

As a domestic software provider that has been used and trusted in the sector for many years, we have the privilege of being liked by many of our users who use our various solutions. You can see some of our users' comments on KEOS and our solutions that they value and like.

Ayhan Karadeniz
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department
"Although we have alternative CAD-based software in realizing small and large investment projects where I work as technical personnel, Netcad has provided great convenience in doing my work and operations without much need for them."
Mehmet Emin Aşkın
N/M İnşaat Proje Müşavirlik Tic. Ltd. Şti.
"Our acquaintance with Netcad dates back to 1995, almost a quarter of a century. We prepared digital plans using Netcad in Yakuplu and Gurpinar regions in Istanbul. Between the years of 1995-1997, we prepared both 1/1000 and 1/5000 plans of 1270 hectares in Yakuplu and 1210 hectares in Gurpinar. It is one of the first and pioneering projects of such size in our country, made by using Netcad. Netcad has always been a part of our lives from that day on until today."
Temel Önder
Ataşehir Municipality
"We met Netcad in 1994 in Umraniye Municipality. Subsequently, we actively used it in the designing of parceling plans. It has made great contributions to our development in the works we do within our profession and duty areas. We have also contributed to NETCAD as it takes into account the feedbacks from the user. In short, we can say that we have developed and progressed together."

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