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We integrate the convenience of CAD-based data production with the comprehensive rules of the GIS environment.

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For more than 30 years, we have been producing solutions for the needs of professionals from different professional disciplines. With the agile software development philosophy, we aim to develop continuously in the focus of user needs and expectations..

With Netcad GIS, we offer our users the freedom of the CAD environment and the advantages of the rule-based structure of the GIS environment at the same time. We support these two spatial data formats, which we believe to complement each other in geographic data production processes, with dynamic CAD & GIS integration.

With its approach of integrated CAD and GIS solutions, Netcad GIS is designed to meet many different demands from different sectors and users. For many engineering and planning disciplines, demands such as mapping, design, calculation, data conversion, reporting, analysis are met with rich data format support. Netcad GIS is a geographic data source that supports a wide range of spatial information sources in international standards.

With the advanced data organization tools and the module capabilities customized for different professional specialization areas, needs-oriented projects can be produced. All modules developed for professional needs work on Netcad GIS.


Main features of the product

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Technical Specifications
CAD & GIS Supported Data Production
While designing your project in all the details offered by the CAD data format, you can produce GIS data simultaneously and convert to both geographic data formats.
Advanced Drawing Tools
You can dynamically control the metric information of the drawing with angle, deviation, slope, automatic capture and object tracking capabilities.
Rich Format Support
Geographic data formats are supported in a wide variety of options such as DWG, DXF, DGN, GML, MAP/TIF, SHP, XYZ, NCN, GPX, OGC WFS, KML/KMZ, NMEA, TIF, IMG, DT0, DT1, DT2, PNG, JPG, GIF, HGT, HDR, ERS, GRD, DEM, ITIFF, PIX, NCD, ECW, SID, BMP, ICO, PCX, RAS.
Database Independence
You can produce CAD objects from geographic data with Netcad GIS, which supports databases such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, SQLite, Microsoft Access, which are popular worldwide.
Easy Data Conversion
You can save the projects you work on in different formats, and easily produce CAD objects from spatial database records and web services.
OGC Web Maps Support
With OGC certified WMS, WFS, WMTS, XYZ T, you can access and question your services and use these services as a base in your projects.
Extensive Symbology Library
It facilitates your drawing steps with its advanced layer styles and line type library; ensures you can get the accurate output.
Multi Layer Support
CAD, GIS, raster data are listed on the drawing screen in accordance with the "layer" logic, and relational data arrangements can be made.

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