Planet produces displays, symbols and line types in full compliance with the Spatial Plans Production Regulation for plans of all scales.


Planet is the greatest assistant of city and regional planners working with planning decisions and design at different scales. Planet, with its advanced drawing capabilities, provides ready-to-use symbology libraries, and automatic plan reports for decision-makers throughout the process from draft plan study to obtain the final output.

Drawing tools, prepared separately for different levels such as implementary development plan, master development plan, landscaping plan, and spatial strategy plan, have all the symbology and styles specified in the Spatial Plans Production Regulation. With the ready-to-use display library, definitions such as RGB color code, area scanning features, line type definition, symbology are ready for your use.

The urban areas you will design are checked quickly, and the compliance with the regulations, the distribution of area use and its effects are presented to the user on the basis of the plan. By providing basic topology and controls for the designed plan, you are able to produce data in different formats.

With Planet, all you have to do is to decide the urban land use for the area of interest.


Main features of the product

You can check the technical specifications page for more detailed specifications and descriptions.

Technical Specifications
Your Digital Rapido Set: Digitization Tool

For all plan levels, digitization and symbology defined drawing pens are ready for your use. Line types, fill types and symbology library for plan representation defined in the legislation can be produced with a single command in accordance with the plan scale.
Plans Fully Compliant with the Spatial Plans Production Regulation

Plans in all scales can be produced in full compliance with the Spatial Plans Production Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 14.06.2014 and numbered 29030. All line types, symbols and planning symbology in the legislation are available ready-to-use.
Plan Controls & PlanGML
Data Production Support

Data can be generated in PlanGML format for all layers and objects being worked in the CAD environment. With the Transfer Command to PlanGML, topology and PlanGML compliance controls of the plan are provided and prompted to the user. As a result of this process, data is produced in full compliance with PlanGML data schemes.
Full Compliance with Upper Scale Plan Drawing Techniques

The road drawing technique of upper scale plans, road width symbols and easy intersection creation are provided with full compliance with the legislation.
Smart Area Distribution Calculations

Reinforcement control calculator using the reinforcement area coefficients defined in the Spatial Plans Production Regulation can calculate the missing/excess urban area uses in the worked plan data with their names and quantities with a single command, and report them on screen and/or in Excel.
Standard Plan Data Production & Transformation
Planet harmonizes the plans prepared with old display techniques with the Spatial Plans Production Regulation 2014 with a single operation. In this process, all calligraphy, symbologies and urban area usage displays are renewed in a controlled manner.
Easy Switching Between Different Plan Scales
With the ability of convert from one scale to another , implementary development plans can be transformed into master development plans; master development plans into the definition and drawing techniques of the landscaping plan with a single command. Symbology and styles suitable for plan scale is provided with automatic transformation capability.
Legislation-Compliant Legend
Legend can be generated with a single command from the plan data produced by Planet in accordance with the legislation. The generated legend produces content in accordance with the legislation. Arrangements can be made according to user preference.

PLANET - Product Introduction and Some Features

Informative videos about some features of the product.


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"I met Netcad in 2003. During my planning education period (1990-1994), we used to do all our drawings, area calculations and designs manually. I also used some foreign software for a short period of time before. However, I started using Netcad as of 2002 and I have been an active Netcad user ever since. As someone who has made drawings by hand for years, I can say that Netcad makes my work much easier compared to other programs and that you work very professionally."

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