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Netcad started its journey in 1989 as the first domestic software company pioneering spatial digitalization. Netcad software developed with the joint contributions of Turkish engineers, customers and academicians, is a leading solution in its sector today.

About Netcad

Netcad, which has always been a pioneer since it was founded, is currently being taught in nearly 700 departments of 92 universities. More than 30 engineering solutions offered by Netcad, have become the industry standard throughout Turkey in cadastre and cartography, urban planning, and infrastructure fields.

With its experienced engineers and competent management staff, Netcad offers solutions with high efficiency, suitable for the smart data management needs of today's business world. Thanks to its expert R&D team, it closely follows technological trends and provides customer satisfaction-oriented service with innovative solutions for the needs of the business world that are increasing and diversifying every day. Working in cooperation with  of its sector, Netcad creates added value for the country and offers the most suitable solutions for needs.

Across Turkey, 10 ministries, approximately 1000 other public institutions, 1397 municipalities, and 6000+ private companies work smarter today and plan tomorrow with Netcad.
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Netcad took the first place in the GIS category of the top 500 IT companies in a row in 2017, 2018 and 2019.