NETGIS SERVER is a data server that enables you to publish your geographic data on different platforms.


You can add map functionality to your web based applications by using Netgis Server. With web maps, you can present your geographic data on the requested platforms.

Netgis Server can present spatial data in a wide range of options. Netgis Server, which can work with all databases that support geographic data, is database independent. It can work smoothly with Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Sql, My SQL databases that are widely used worldwide. You can publish your NCZ data of the projects you work with on Netgis Server with their accurate location and add them to your web applications by using different base layers. You can produce maps by tiling any geo-based data set you are using. Additionally, you can publish 360 Panoramic street views with Netgis Server.


Main features of the product

You can check the technical specifications page to review detailed features and technical descriptions.

Technical Specifications
Open Architecture for Software Developers
It allows development with SOAP services, ASP.NET, .NET Assembly. It is integrated with NETIGMA. It can use Netigma services in Map Presentations. Map Services can be used in other applications. Its documentation is available online.
OGC Certified and ISO Standards Compliant
It produces WFS, WMS, WCS, WMTS publications in OGC Standards. Geographic data is created in accordance with ISO 19115 (Geographic Metadata), ISO 19119 (Geographic Metadata - Services), ISO 19139 (Geographic Metadata Dataset) standards.
Browser Independent Map Presentation
It works fully integrated with NETIGMA. It can generate map based queries with multiple variables. Thematic map, temperature map generation. With its Web Edit capability, it provides geographical & verbal data entry and editing via web applications. It can work with 3rd party software.
Android & IOS Compatible Mobile Mapping
You can publish your maps on IOS or Android mobile devices. You can find sample applications in related markets with keywords such as Netcad, KEOS.

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