Obtain images from geographic data layers, make database-supported queries; automatically generate documents, reports.
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NETCAP is a Netcad module that enables fast and simple preparation of any type of report from the layers of any spatial data within the framework of the determined rules, in different printing scales.


By organizing your data and completing the document design with NETCAP module, you can obtain information from more than one data source and use it as a reference and generate automatic documents quickly and easily. By connecting to different databases, you can position the desired query result in the document. By using the data sources you work with, automatic drawing images are generated in the plot area you will determine in the document design.

With Netcap, it is possible to work with or without database dependency. When working with the database, it can work with all commonly used database layers (Such as SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access). In cases where there is no central data source, automatic drawing images can be generated by working on CAD files. With flexible report and document design capabilities, you can generate the document design you use through Netcap. Generate the documents you generated with manual methods through Netcap; save time and money.


Main features of the product

You can browse the technical specifications page to review detailed features and technical descriptions.

Technical Specifications
GIS & CAD Interoperability
You can generate automatic reports by extracting the necessary information for the reports you will generate from the database or CAD layers. In addition to verbal information that can be generated in the desired position within the designed document, you can also crop your CAD & GIS drawings and add them to the report.
Creating More Than One Plot Area
Multiple plot areas at different scales can be prepared within the report, so that designs such as the main plot area and bird's eye view drawing can be created. For example, in addition to the plot area at 1/1000 scale, 1 / 25.000 scaled general project image can be found in the same document.
Automatic Plan Note
After document creation, you can automatically place the plan notes that are smart within the framework of certain rules. In this way, you can prevent the wrong plan notes from being added to the report, and you can gain advantage in time and performance.
Reporting, Query & Analysis
It is possible to track retrospectively which documents have been submitted from which layers. Information on which document was obtained on what date and time, by whom, and from which computer can be accessed at any time.

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