It is a software equipped with rich analysis capacities that we can manage the analysis, synthesis and planning processes of different professional disciplines, that meet contemporary requirements in terms of information technologies, that produce solutions with high precision and accuracy, and that contribute economically to the execution of the projects.


It is a powerful tool where the user can create workflow models with different operator designs and use all kinds of CAD, GIS and Raster data as input.

ANALIST comes with hundreds of ready-to-use workflows for analyzes known to researchers and practitioners of different disciplines.

  • The followings can be performed by ANALIST:
  • Sensitivity, hazard and risk analysis at all scales,
  • Point impact, impact and density analysis,
  • Spatial reflections of demographic and social analysis results, evaluation of project layers with different methods and overlay analysis,
  • Choosing the right place for urban and rural functions,
  • Ability to make all the necessary analyses for the management of smart cities according to the required functions,
  • Various types of spatial analysis for landslides, avalanches, earthquakes and other types of natural disasters. Decision support analysis and synthesis such as urban transformation analysis, multiple production - hazard maps for different purposes

Main features of the product

You can check the technical specifications page for more detailed specifications and descriptions.

Technical Specifications
Surface Analysis
Apart from analyzes such as slope, aspect, altitude, relief, color relief, you can perform second derivative topographic and hydrotopographic analyzes of altitude based on different scientific methods only with altitude input.
Remote Sensing Analysis
It provides the opportunity to perform different analyzes on satellite images by using remote sensing techniques. In this context, analyzes such as filtering, classification, accuracy analysis, histogram editing, tessellation, vectorization, fusion, band arithmetic, change analysis etc. can be used.
Spatial Analysis
It allows making spatial analysis. While analyzing with ANALIST's spatial analysis capabilities such as overlay, buffer, multiple buffer, density analysis, etc., you can also use its advanced filters.
Advanced Spatial Analysis
With the help of advanced operators and read-to-use models in ANALIST, you can use many raster and vector data as input and make advanced spatial analyses such as Weighted Overlay, Fuzzy Logic, M-AHP, Logistic Regression.
Time Navigator
Time Navigator is a Netcad product that helps to monitor the changes in an area as a result of the projects implemented at different times, with a slider that can move between the desired dates.
Network Analysis
It is a Netcad module that can solve all kinds of networks such as road, water, electricity and enable analysis on them. With NETWORK ANALYSIS, you can use your existing spatial data to create a network.

ANALIST Features

Informative videos about the features of the product.


Why our users like ANALIST?

We offer services to more than 430 users to help them reach their goals.

As a domestic software provider that has been used and trusted in the sector for many years, we have the privilege of being liked by many of our users who use our various solutions.

Prof. Dr. Candan Gökçecioğlu
Hacettepe University
"I have been working as an Academic staff for almost 25 years. During this period, I need to make spatial analysis in my works at various times. In the early years, we were doing this ourselves by developing various algorithms. In the following years, with the development of computers and some software, it has become easier to perform such analysis, but using those software has been also very difficult. Then, I met Netcad and Netcad Analist in the last few years. I have seen and understood how easy our works can actually be. During this period, Analist has been further developed. I have also contributed to this development process and I am very satisfied with the result. Netcad's contribution to the academy, which offers spatial analysis opportunities, is enormous. Therefore, I congratulate them and hope that such R&D works will continue increasingly."
Yrd. Doç. Dr. Uğur Avdan
Anadolu University
The inability to produce Geographical Information Systems (GIS) -based data in our country, the limited data produced and the lack of a standard are directly related to the lack of educated personnel in this field. Therefore, we are conducting a series of educational activities. We can summarize these educational activities as follows; Netcad software, which offers GIS and CAD-based software support in the national scale, has been used both in our lessons in the field of education and within the scope of the project of "Creating a distance education supported model and its pilot implementation in order to expand the use of GIS". Netcad Main module and Netcad Analist module have been used effectively in the education of approximately 650 personnel across the country, by using distance education opportunities of Anadolu University in order to spread the geographical information systems in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and to create employment opportunities for the GIS Specialist standard."

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