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We are proud to be a technology company that has achieved many successes in many countries on the path we set out in 1989 to make life easier and to be the pioneer of spatial digitalization in Türkiye. With our experience of more than 30 years and our expert, dynamic human resources in the field, we are walking strongly towards greater goals. We add value to our users with the solutions we offer, and we continue to grow with them by envisaging their needs.

The business world and economic fluctuations, which have slowed down due to the pandemic in recent years, are now giving way to more stable growth and development goals. This difficult process that we have gone through as the whole world has revealed a new business culture and technology world in many issues from individual to business life. As Netcad, we adapt to this change and offer solutions with a new approach and technology to increase quality of life by touching people's lives at every point. In this transformational process, smart cities, smart spaces, and smart facilities are included in our roadmap within Netcad Digital Universe with IoT and AI algorithms. We can now manage construction sites, facilities, and cities with our advanced technology solutions and make decision makers' work easier. We continue to expand our service areas from mining to transportation, industry to energy management by adding new technologies beside our proven solutions in engineering, mapping, and GIS fields.

I would also like to thank our employees, users and business partners who have not left us alone on this path for the devoted support they will offer in this new vision of ours.

General Manager