NETKAMU is a Netcad module that enables expropriation projects to be carried out in accordance with the expropriation regulations applied in our country.
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It has been designed in full compliance with the institutional standards, taking into account the current laws and regulations required for expropriation projects.


Options of NETKAMU module ensure that;
Expropriation projects for roads, canals, dams, ponds, energy transmission lines (ENH) were carried out from start to finish in all stages,
And NETKAMU.ENH ensures the realization of energy transmission lines expropriation project processes,
NETKAMU.TSRF enables follow-up of the legal processes required after expropriation procedures.


Main features of the product

You can browse the technical specifications page to review detailed features and technical descriptions.

Technical Specifications
All Old and New Expropriation Fields in the Expropriation Area can be Projected Together
The areas within the expropriation project area, for which a decision of public interest has been taken previously and all other additional expropriation areas are defined to the project together with their dates. Thus, all values regarding the old and additional expropriation areas are reflected in the project results and reports.
Gaining The Ability To Work With More Than One Route

Projects that are within the expropriation project area and include more than one route can be carried out with Netkamu and operations are made according to the active route.
Ease of Use Has Been Achieved With Innovations In Column Editor
Thanks to the renewed "Column Editor", it is ensured that distance controls between somes can be checked automatically and errors can be corrected dynamically.
Declaration Printouts are Automatically Created for Each Institution Specifically
Within NETKAMU, there are declaration templates specific to each institution, prepared in full compliance with the institutional standards (KGM, TEIAS, TEDAS, DSI, EPDK).

NETKAMU New Features

Informative promotional videos about the new features of the product.


Why our users like NETKAMU?

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Doç.Dr. Saffet ERDOĞAN
Afyon Kocatepe University

"Academicians and students in our department benefit from Netcad software in the implementation of the courses of the department. Applications are explained over Netcad Main module within the scope of Computer Aided Map Drawing course. Within the scope of these studies, implementations related to curve drawings and transformation processes are carried out with Raster module and NetSurf module. NETMAP module is used in the projects carried out within the Zoning Information Practice course. In the Road Information and Implementation course, the projecting of the road project is carried out using NetPRO module. NetKAMU module is used in the Expropriation Technique Implementation course. Expropriation projects are carried out using this module. Within the scope of the Land Consolidation Project course, consolidation projects are prepared with the NETTOP module."

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