Excanet responds to all the requirements of survey, civil, environment, forestry, geology, mining engineers and academicians in excavation and filling plan projects.

Complex facility and excavation plan projects

The amount of excavation/filling of a project has a very important place in the progress payment of that work. We offer you practical tools for automatically generating excavation projects. Experience the freedom provided by these tools that work with each other in dynamic interaction, and save time. Deliver the most accurate results. Increase your efficiency and competitive power. Easily perform volume comparisons.

You can use it in all your works that require excavation plans such as building, site, warehouse, dam, regulator, bridge piers, tunnel portal entrance excavations, hospitals, treatment facilities as well as excavations that are out of the scope of the progress payment.


Main features of the product

You can check the technical specifications page for more detailed specifications and descriptions.

Technical Specifications
Generating Easy Excavation Plan
Reach the result in just 3 steps. Determine excavation levels, define slopes and get automatically created surfaces. Automatically generate your interrelated surfaces belonging to your complex facilities.
Auto Revise
Excavation plan, surfaces, volume calculations, reports and cross-section drawings are automatically revised in case of changes in excavation levels, slopes or geometry.
2D and 3D Automatic Project Controls
Take control of your excavation plans. You can keep track of information such as excavation levels, slope inclines, naming of each excavation area through the interactive editors. You can use 3D support in every stage of the project.
Sophisticated Ready-to-Use Templates
Take advantage of ready-to-use slope and platform templates we have provided for you. Develop your own library.
Soil Volume Comparison
Automatically extract soil comparison calculations between implemented and designed projects.

EXCANET 2020 New Features

Informative videos about the new features of the product


Why our users like EXCANET?

We offer services to more than 500 users to help them reach their goals.

As a domestic software provider that has been used and trusted in the sector for many years, we have the privilege of being liked by many of our users who use our various solutions.

Mehmet Türk
"We use Netcad in our projects. New version NETPRO 9 has very necessary innovations. Our processes are completed in a very short time thanks to the feature of revising the project when  horizontal and vertical parameters have been changed."
Ali Yıldızbaş
Kocaeli BŞB
"I am a user of renewed modules of NETPRO 9, Netsurf 8, 3D ve Exanet 3. It is my indispensable program in Road and Infrastructure projects during construction, allowance and final calculation thanks to its practical, fast, reliable structure and language support.
Onur Kahraman
ERG İnşaat
"One of Turkey's leading software value Netcad has proven once again its leadership in the construction sector, by realizing the end-to-end solution of all projects on the Ankara-Nigde Highway. It helps us to produce practical and reliable solutions during the preparation of the projects, taking the quantities with the precision of the exact calculation and application, i.e. at every stage of projects."
Murat Pehlivan
Strabag Dubai LLC
"HATTA Pump Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant project, which we initiated as Strabag-Ozkar JV in Dubai, is shown and followed as a pilot project in the Gulf and Arab Countries, and with the renewed project, we actively use NETCAD software, modules of Netsurf 8, Netpro 9 ve Excanet3 at every stage of the project... NETCAD has also solved the dynamism in design with Netpro9."
Ali Fuat Şan
EkPet İnşaat
"NETPRO 9 has come a long way towards being a completely different version. It is admirable to see that the dynamic nature of the program allows users to reflect project changes into drawings and reports with a single command. It is very useful for users.The little touches on NETPRO 9 provided effortlessness and brought professionalism in big touches."
Oktay Işık
"We have had a good experience working with Netcad for many years. "With Netsurf, Netpro, Excanet, 3D, we prepare road routes, land data with the application, and make allowance calculations. In the new versions released in 2020, there are innovations that attract attention and make our work easier."

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