Netpro meets all the requirements of survey, construction, environment, forestry, geology engineers and academicians in transportation and water structures projects.

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Netpro offers important capabilities that you can easily create your transportation and water structures projects such as highway, railway, airports, intersections, tunnels, ponds, dams, flood protection, field application operations, excavation, final calculation processes and as-built projects.

We offer very powerful tools that allow you to increase your productivity, reduce costs, make better planning, prevent possible problems in advance, control more scenarios in projects by working much more efficiently with our cutting-edge solutions introduced with the latest version.

A strong software infrastructure and editors with a lot of detail are required to create transportation projects. We offer all the tools in a single package, from the geometric design of the projects to the drainage project, from your final calculations to the earthwork project.

With the special files we offer for each geometry, you can manage your project and speak the same language with different units.

We enable you to easily produce data in CAD and GIS environment and convert it to the desired file format. We make it ready for transfer to various management systems that you can customize.


Main features of the product

You can check the technical specifications page for more detailed specifications and descriptions.

Technical Specifications
Route Designs
You can automatically determine the most suitable route between two points. You can make cost analysis and quickly determine the horizontal and vertical geometries with different standards.
Dynamic Structure
You can quickly revise your projects in a dynamic structure. You can automatically update any changes and all your previously created project and output files.
2D and 3D Automatic Project Controls
We offer automatic control options for each project produced, from route designs to field applications, from type sections to allowances. You can perform section and geometry queries on the 3D screen of the projects produced optionally.
Full Integration With Other Software
You can transfer your project to different software, work with data created with different software, continue the project where you left off, change and update it.
Drainage Projects
In your transportation projects such as highways, railways, airports, you can calculate the locations, types and sizes of art structures in order to remove surface waters.
Field Application Operations
Automatically create all the outputs and tables required for the field applications of the projects.

NETPRO 2020 New Features

Informative videos about the new features of the product.


Why our users like NETPRO?

We offer services to more than 4000 users to help them reach their goals.

As a domestic software provider that has been used and trusted in the sector for many years, we have the privilege of being liked by many of our users who use our various solutions.

Mehmet Türk
"We use Netcad in our projects. New version NETPRO 9 includes very necessary innovations. Our processes are completed in a very short time thanks to the feature of auto-revising the project when parameters such as horizontal and vertical change."
Ali Yıldızbaş
Kocaeli BŞB
"I am a user of renewed modules of NETPRO 9, Netsurf 8, 3D ve Exanet 3. It is my indispensable program in Road and Infrastructure projects during construction, progress payment and final calculation thanks to its practical, fast, reliable structure and language support.
Onur Kahraman
ERG İnşaat
"One of Turkey's leading software value Netcad has proven once again its leadership in the construction sector, by realizing the end-to-end solution of all projects on the Ankara-Nigde Highway. It helps us to produce practical and reliable solutions during the preparation of the projects, taking the quantities with the precision of the exact calculation and application, i.e. at every stage of projects."
Murat Pehlivan
Strabag Dubai LLC
"HATTA Pump Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant project, which we initiated as Strabag-Ozkar JV in Dubai, is introduced and followed as a pilot project in the Gulf and Arab Countries, and with the renewed project, we actively use NETCAD software, modules of Netsurf 8, Netpro 9 ve Excanet3 at every stage of the project... NETCAD has also solved the dynamism in design with Netpro9."
Ali Fuat Şan
EkPet İnşaat
"NETPRO 9 has come a long way towards being a completely different version. It is admirable to see that the dynamic nature of the program allows users to reflect project changes into drawings and reports with a single command. It is very useful for users.The little touches on NETPRO 9 provided effortlessness and brought professionalism in big touches."
Oktay Işık
"We have had a good experience working with Netcad for many years. "With Netsurf, Netpro, Excanet, 3D, we prepare road routes, land data with the application, and make progress payment calculations. In the new versions released in 2020, there are innovations that attract attention and make our work easier."

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