Easily create, size and analyze your flood flow calculations and drainage projects
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NETHYDRO is a very easy-to-use product that performs hydrological analyzes that require many process steps, important technical information and control with a single button, and that you can check the results at any time.


Model basins in your project, calculate surface runoff and flood flows, carry out flood spread analysis, determine drainage structures and automatically size them.
Land Consolidation Projects
Automatically find channels between blocks for the removal of surface water in land consolidation. Automatically size your flow channels.   Make your block basin calculations.
Road Projecting
You can determine the size, type and location of art structures in order to remove surface waters in your transportation projects such as roads and railways.
Flood Protection Projects
You can use Nethydro to determine the type and size of channel structures in flood projecting processes.Water structuresYou can carry out your hydrological analysis required for dam/pond investigations with Nethydro.
You can carry out the required flood spread analysis in planning processes and many engineering projects with the cross-section method.


Main features of the product

You can browse the technical specifications page to review detailed features and technical descriptions.

Technical Specifications
Basin Modeling
Model all the basins in your project with a single button. Model the basins of all flow nets that cross a route.
Multiple Basin Modeling
Model the basins of all flow nets that cross a route.
Flood Flow Calculation
Automatically calculate your flood flow rates according to 5 different methods. Determine your precipitation analysis and optimal distributions.
Determining the Flood Spread Area
You just determine the criteria, we will find your flood spread areas.
Automatic Locating
Let us automatically locate the places where the structures should be, the Culverts, Stilling basins, intercepting and heel ditches where they should be.
Auto Sizing
Let us automatically size your various drainage systems, especially culvert, flood protection, with all their analysis.
Road Pipeline Drainage
You can realize the drainage of pipelines belonging to your road projects.

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