NETPROMine meets all the requirements of geologists, mining and surveying engineers, researchers and academicians in the sector and offers flexible solutions.


NETPROMine offers comprehensive tools having the capabilities of drilling data management, geological modeling, block modeling,geostatistics, mine design, mine planning, and more.

The software provides increased time savings, efficiency and accuracy through the ease of use, strong 3D graphics, file format support for popular GIS and CAD systems, and compliance with company-specific processes.

Thanks to its modular and easily customizable structure for adapting to changes, it allows surveyors, geologists and mining engineers in different teams and departments to use the same data set, work in harmony and easily share data.

It allows global companies to support a common solution throughout their mining operations with multi-language support.


Main features of the product

You can check the technical specifications page for more detailed specifications and descriptions.

Technical Specifications
Geological Modeling
NETPROMine Geological Modeling module provides powerful tools to manage and analyze projects using 3D visualization, drilling data management,surface, solid and block modeling tools along with statistics and geostatistics functions needed in an advanced exploration and resource estimation project.NETPROMine Geological modeling product is an essential component that should be in every installation. Open Pit Planning, Optimization, and Underground Planning products run on this core component.
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Open Pit Planning
Projects can be designed with all stages and design changes can be updated with a single step with NETPROMine Open Pit Planning module.Users can automatically generate and edit interior ramps along with the pitlines, and automatically report all solid and block model creation operations and volume results according to the needs. This module offers practical solutions for your Open-pit design, waste/stock design, tailings dam design,surface road design, and blasting pattern design projects.
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Open Pit Optimization
With our optimization product, you can optimize long-term production stages. With a mineral resource, a number of economic and metallurgical parameters are entered, allowing the optimum quarry boundaries, surfaces and production amount according to periods to be calculated. By producing results using different optimization parameters and comparing the results, you can produce low cost and high profitability plans, make risk analysis and use alternative reporting options.
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Underground Planning
NETPROMine Underground Planning module offers practical solutions at all stages of underground mining to create the main gallery,curve, spiral, connection roads and support, installation and production plans.It allows ready-made profiles in its library and user-defined profiles to beautomatically draped on the gallery axis. Users can thematize the galleries,add labels, define transparency and use alternative reporting tools by using all the parameters in the design.
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NETPROMine 2022 New Features

Informative videos about the new features of the product.


Why our users like NETPROMine?

We offer services to more than 1000 users to help them reach their goals.

As a domestic mining software provider that has been used and trusted in the sector for many years, we have the privilege of being liked by many of our users who use our various solutions. You can see some of our users' comments on NETPROMine and our solutions that they value and like.

Percy Mthulisi Sibanda
Mining Engineer / University of South Africa
I attended the NETPROMine training program and I must say that I found it pretty interesting and simple to use. My understanding of mine planning and design has improved considerably and I recommend these trainings to all planning engineers and consulting firms as they are accessible at a very reasonable price. It is a clear and straightforward software that allows the user to easily understand how to utilize it for different purposes.
Abdullah Susmaz
Geological Engineer / Ado Mining
I have been a NETPROMine user since 2012. I have carried outmany coal, industrial mineral and metallic mine projects perfectly with NETPROMine. I am very pleased with its simple and straightforward user interface, fast integration between 2D and 3D screens, timely technical support and numerous other features.
Peter Cain, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Mining Engineer
I have been working with NETPROMine for nearly two years now and have been pleasantly surprised by the speed of development and inclusion of new features, the responsiveness of the technical support team and the way in which the software has allowed me to expand my own service to the industry.  NETPROMine fills a space in the modeling spectrum that seems to have been ignored by the larger companies, offering features and support at a value that will attract small to medium-sized firms who either can’t or don’t want to hand in their data over to big consulting houses.  As a consulting sole proprietor, my practice isn’t large enough to justify buying or using the software offered by the larger houses.  As a mining engineer with little previous experience in modeling software, I have found NETPROMine relatively simple to learn and use.  I have a habit of asking the software to do things that developers never thought of, and when I have broken their software, the NETPROMine team has always been there to help and if necessary provide a solution.  I am looking forward to seeing how the package develops in the next few months and years.
Zafer Doygun
Chief Geologist / Global Mining Group
An actual estimation tool in mining projects with a convenient user interface and easy-to-use applications.
Furkan Kerem Kasa
Mine Manager / Dedeman Mining
Directing the user with its user-friendly interface, easy design steps, categorized and easily accessible design parameters, especiallyvariogram and kriging, detailed and customizable reports and many other positive aspects, NETPROMine is at the top of its league.
PT Akso Mandiri Energi
We are very grateful forthe introduction of the Netpromine application, this application makes it veryeasy for us to create bore hole log report, and input rock characteristicattributes such as RQD geotechnical data, RMR, roughness etc.. Netrpomine isvery helpful in the mining sector, especially in the implementation ofoptimization and formation of pit limits. Netpromine also helps us speed up thedetermination of an economical pit boundary by means of parameters thatrepresent the overall value required. In making the PIT design, this softwaremakes it easy both in making road designs as well as slope designs that can beadjusted according to actual conditions.

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