GISARA provides querying of geographic data produced and managed by different units through a common interface. Geographical location-supported query results are accessed with a single command.


You can query within the geographic datasets in different layers and at the same time view the data belonging to more than one data layer through a single interface. With Gisara, queries can be made by connecting to the central data source and you can display the query result on the drawing screen.

At the same time, with Gisara, all of the archive data having geographic traces can be added to your projects with a single command. The existing maps or orthophoto images of a point shown on the screen can be loaded quickly. Verbal and geographic-based data can be managed together through Gisara; additional documents associated with data groups, such as photographs and scanned files, can be accessed. In addition, Gisara offers you the attribute information and the geographical data content of the point clicked on the screen with a single command with its spatial query capability. Query results obtained with Gisara can be reported in different formats such as XLS, DOC, KML.


Main features of the product

You can check the technical specifications page to review detailed features and descriptions.

Technical Specifications
Verbal Search
With the block parcel search, the query results can be listed by searching the database for parcels and the desired parcel can be drawn on the screen. In addition, the opportunity to filter the query results is available.
Address Search
With the address search function, streets based on neighborhoods and the door numbers associated with these streets can be listed.
File Query
With the file layer (add-remove layouts), CAD and raster files in the system can be added to the screen for the desired region. There is also the option to add to the project for CAD files.
Database Layer
The spatial data included in the central data source can be drawn on the screen.
Location Based Query
It has the feature of combining various spatial information of a region on a single information screen. Quick reports can be obtained with this feature.
Integrated System Architecture
Gisara is fully compatible with other Netcad corporate products. Users query data within the scope of the authorizations defined by the central system administrator.

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