Dronet is a web-based point cloud and 3D solution that also possesses photogrammetric analysis capabilities through the Netcad solution.


Main Features of the Product

You can check the technical specifications page to review detailed features and technical descriptions.

File Import
*.las and *.laz extension point cloud data can be imported with the file upload screen.Uploaded point cloud data can be viewedon a list.
Measurement Tools
The length, area, coordinate, height, and angle can be measured with the measurement tools. Measurements made can be viewed underlayers, and measurement details can be listed as a coordinated summary.
Volume Calculations
The volume between point cloud data of the same region, measured at different times, can be calculated. Boundary vector data forvolume calculation can be added to the project. Volume calculation can be made according to the selected region.
Section Drawing
Sections with a certain thickness can be produced between points selected from the point cloud data.
Point cloud data of the same region measured at different times can be opened separately with the multi-window feature. Projects can be interactively controlled byconnecting them with the camera link feature.
Base Maps
Online maps can be added under the point cloud data and more than one point cloud data can be displayed simultaneously on the online map.
Digitization Tools
Digitization can be made over point cloud data with digitization tools. In digitization processes, layer-based digitization can be made using the CAD layer structure and the produced drawings can be exported as a *.dxf file.
Photogrammetric Analysis
Photogrammetric analyzes can be made using ground control points, editing can be done before photogrammetric analysis with the GCP editor, and a detailed photogrammetric analysis report can be produced after the process.
Point Cloud Thematizing
Color changes can be applied according to the RGB, height, and class information selected with the point cloud thematizing feature.
Project Notes
The notes can be added to a desired location or specific coordinate with the note editor.
It is possible to enter information dynamically in the interface that opens with the agenda. Monthly, weekly and daily events can be displayed along with the calendar. Date updates can be made on the calendar with the drag-and-drop method of the defined events.

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