UAVT & KPS Web Services

UAVT (National Address Database) web services (KEOSMAKSSService) ensure the sharing of numbering data in accordance with e-Government standards. It consists of the service that provides integration with the MAKS (General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs) and the components connected to this service carried out by the NVGIM (General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs) . With KEOSMAKSSService, authorized administrations can send the address/numbering data they produce to NVGIM easily. Instant synchronization with integration is provided by sending information such as neighborhood, road, gate number, building, which are produced with Netcad GIS capabilities and updated daily, to MAKS as soon as they are created in the administration's geographical database.

Administrations can access central data by analyzing and reporting on the data in their own databases; can provide information on a city guide map open to the citizen for areas in the area of responsibility. They can use the WMS and WFS services provided by MAKS as a base layer for their operations, and download all the data in MAKS to their databases. In this way, in addition to sharing, the dataset requested by MAKS can also be used in daily operations.

KPS (Identity Sharing System) web service (KEOS.KPSService) is an application that provides access to  identit credentials of individuals. It ensures the use of identity and residence information in MERNIS (Central Population Management System) and UAVT managed by the NVGIM by the relevant administrations. Administrations can access MERNIS and UAVT data such as address and cadastre, download, store and compare this information against the one on their own systems.

TKGM (General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre) Integrations

Desktop, Mobile and Web Access

It is an integration application where the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the official institutions that meet the protocol conditions can access the current title deed data in desktop, web and mobile environment within the user's authority. Detailed information on immovables can be queried with a single operation and downloaded to the user data source upon request.

By using TKGM services, there are options to query province, district and neighborhood criteria, to access to title deed registries by entering island/parcel criteria, to access to title deed registries by querying real and legal person, and by using Netcad GIS capabilities, to access data with location-based point/area query. Detailed information such as active/passive parcel, annotation, declaration, share can be accessed and a report specified in TKGM standards can be printed.

TUCBS (General Directorate of GIS) Integrations

Geographical Data Services and Integration of Metadata

It is aimed that data services belonging to geographic data produced by public institutions and organizations are accessible from a single point (National Geographic Information Platform), together with their metadata, in accordance with the definition documents within the scope of 32 data themes published by the General Directorate of Geographical Information Systems. In this way, public institutions and organizations, local administrations, special provincial administrations and water and sewage administrations will access and share geographical data a single point, duplicate data production will be prevented, costs will be reduced and all geographical data will be recorded. The preparation process of the geographic data sharing matrix for data to be made available to private sector and citizen still continues.

We are continuously working to adapt our software and systems to the defined standards as a part of TUCBS Integration Project which is among the top 100 biggest projects of Turkey and is also prioritized within the scope of Turkey's future plans.

MIS & GIS Match

Debt, Declaration, Accrual, Matching PivotTable Services

By adding information from MIS(Management Information System) to GIS (Geographic Information Systems) with Netcad GIS capabilities, you can produce thematic maps and perform comprehensive queries in all mobile, web and desktop Netcad applications.

The system provides integration of MIS systems in municipalities and Geographical Information System data based on National Address Database provided by Netcad / GIS solutions. Thanks to the MIS services working with the BELNET UAVT database, it is aimed to eliminate data repetitions, to work with correct and legal numbering information and to provide the infrastructure that can detect losses/leaks.

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