With its 3D + strong presentation interface, it offers a flexible visualization environment to view, query and interactively edit multiple data layers in your projects.

Modules to Work with Integration

Digitization, measurement and querying, sectioning, adding 3D grid, texture mapping, stereo viewing, texture mapping to 3D objects, satellite image overlay on the terrain model, elevation visualization, 3D simulation, video recording, screen locking, splitting the project screen into panels, image recording, browsing through saved images are just some of the capabilities that 3D+ product offers.


Main features of the product

You can check the technical specifications page to review detailed features and technical descriptions.

Technical Specifications
2D / 3D Interactive Transfer
All project layers at any scale, prepared with Netcad modules, can be transferred to 3D with a single step while preserving their color and style features. At the same time, you can automatically transfer the changes made in the source project to 3D+ without the need to create interim files again.
3D Grid
You can automatically add 3D grids to the created model, optionally set grid axis intervals, elevation and coordinate labels. You can view the changes instantly on the model. You can color your grid using different color and style features and define transparency by using transparency capability.
Stereo Viewing Options
You can obtain three-dimensional stereo images by using stereo capabilities of 3D+. You can view this screen in 3D with special glasses used to examine stereo screens. 3D+ supports many different stereo view modes.
3D Imaging and Simulation
With the navigation and image capabilities in 3D environment, you can use the features of viewing the model in desired angle and direction, and in perspective and orthogonal structure, at different angles in several windows and the different viewing features in each window. You can edit your model with shading, fog, camera, sky and light effects, and ensure transition to different color tones in the background. With the vehicle, plane and other model tools you add, you can simulate your projects and record them as videos.
3D Digitizing
You can digitize by using advanced point capture tools on all kinds of 3D models, edit elevations and transfer the data you produced to the 2D screen. You can lock the 3D screen at any time and digitize by using it like a 2D screen. You can enjoy digitizing in three dimensions with 3D+.
3D Measurement and Querying Tools
It can query 2D / 3D surface area, angle, length and object information. You can view the query results on the query screens that open interactively, and add the angle and length values as labels to the 3D screen.
3D Cross-Section Tools
With 3D + cross section tools, you can obtain cross-sections from any direction by using plane and multi-plane options, use drawing, measurement, query tools on sections, and provide dynamic transitions between cross-sections. Thus, you can instantly and automatically control every project produced, from route designs to field applications, from type sections to allowances. You can perform cross-section and geometry queries on the 3D screen.
Raster Overlaying on Terrain Model
Thanks to the raster support, you can automatically overlay the raster data of the project (satellite images, aerial photographs, raster maps in different scales) on the 3D terrain model when desired.

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