Data Update Tool (VGA) converts CAD data to GIS data in a controlled manner. With VGA, users can work on spatial databases dynamically; can update the geometry and attribute information of the data depending on the determined rules.


With VGA capabilities, you can transfer your CAD data to the database within the scope of the rules you define. With VGA , which provides controlled CAD - GIS data transformation, you can work with popular databases having geographic data support and integrate with external systems via web services. During the data transfer stage, the requested attribute information can be designed, CAD object attribute information can be automatically retrieved.

While providing data transfer, advanced relations between data sets can be defined. For each data record transferred to the database, the associated data information can be provided by defining verbal or geometry relations. It allows you to run regular expressions (Regular Expression-RegEx), Sql, macros in data adding steps. It allows simultaneous transfer of CAD objects to the database while editing. With its advanced CAD & GIS data management capabilities, Netcad VGA provides flexible solutions for need-oriented rule-based geographic data production.


Main features of the product

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Technical Specifications
Data Updating
With VGA (Data Update Tool), a large number of plans and projects worked on in Netcad GIS can be transferred to the database together with their attribute information in addition to geometry information. Existing data in the database can be updated with VGA. It has four basic functions as Add, Edit, Delete, and Query.
Authorization Based Data Access
Users can log in to the application with the username & password defined by the system administrator. In the system, where individual authorizations can be made for each user, the permitted user can update the data on the basis of authorization and thus, prevent the unauthorized interventions.
Integrated System Architecture
VGA is fully compatible with other Netcad corporate products. Within the scope of the authorizations defined by the central system administrator, the user can extract data from the center and transmit the data to the center after completing the data update process. All these operations can be versioned.
Comprehensive Log Mechanism
All operations made with VGA are saved and the information of which user updates which data and when is comprehensively logged. Before & after status can be reported for all data changed through VGA.

VGA Features

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