Developing business applications is now very straightforward, even if you have no coding knowledge!

Less Code
Faster Development

Main features of the product

You can check the technical specifications page for more detailed specifications and descriptions.

Technical Specifications
Online Forms
With Netigma, you can define various forms for any data management task required by your business processes. Moreover, easily and quickly in just minutes with simlple drag-and-drop techniques.
Netigma lets you design your reports. With these reports, you can track the performance of the processes and make better future decisions.
Netigma supports spatial data sets and allows you to work with location-based projects.
Scheduled Tasks
With Netigma, it is possible to run a number of operations automatically at certain times and thus, users can get rid of doing these operations manually.
Workflow Management
Netigma offers an easy-to-use visual interface to define workflows and incorporate them into your applications
API - SDK Support
Netigma API and SDK have been developed to let users costumize their applications. What you can do with Netigma is limited by your imagination.
Users can easily access the data they want through their personal dashboards and facilitate decision-making processes with data visualizations.
Notification Services
Netigma supports notification services and e-mails and short messages can be sent within the scope of defined templates at various stages.

Application Development with NETIGMA

Developing business applications is now very easy; even if you have no coding knowledge!

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Why our users like NETIGMA?

We offer services to more than 170 users to help them reach their goals.

.As a domestic software provider that has been used and trusted in the sector for many years, we have the privilege of being liked by many of our users who use our various solutions. You can see some of our users' comments on NETIGMA and our solutions that they value and like.

CEO Litera
"85% of the Electronic Document Management System got ready with Netigma."
T.R. Ministry of Commerce
"There were few days left for the completion of the project, thanks to Netigma, we were able to complete our project in a short  time before deadline"
CEO / Prometus
"While transferring our MIS software to Netigma, we threw away 75% of the code that is no longer needed. "

Demo Applications

Translate your needs into solutions easily with Netigma.

Happiness Map

See how Netigma utilize your spatial data.


Northwind Sales Application

A sample application with products, sales and customer management.


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