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NETIGMA is a platform designed to develop applications with little code.
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Developing business applications is now very easy; even if you have no coding knowledge!

Less Code
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Main features of the product

You can browse the technical specifications page to review detailed features and technical descriptions.

Technical Specifications
Online Forms
Forms are one of the most essential parts of any application. With Netigma, you can define various forms for any data management required by your business processes. Moreover, easily and in minutes with drag-and-drop techniques.
No matter what business process a software manages, it is always critical to see the outputs of that process. With Netigma, you can design the reports you need on your own.
Netigma supports spatial data. In this way, the applications you develop with Netigma offer map-based query and visualization capabilities.
Scheduled Tasks
With Netigma, it is possible to run a number of operations automatically at certain times and thus, users can get rid of doing these operations manually.
Workflow Management
Netigma offers a visual interface to define your workflows and enables applications to work in a way that supports these workflows.
API - SDK Support
Netigma API and SDK have been developed to enable the application to run customized software code. In short, what you can do with Netigma is limited by your imagination.
Management Panel
In order to make effective decisions, it is important to access data in the fastest way possible. Visualization of the data also provides great convenience in analysis. Netigma users can easily access the data they want through dashboards that they can design according to their needs and experience the comfort of making their decisions safely.
Notification Services
Software solutions send various messages to inform/warn users about the processes they manage. In this way, users do not need to do manual control and some things are prevented from being forgotten. Netigma also supports the subject information services and can send e-mails and short messages within the framework of defined templates at various stages.

Application Development with NETIGMA

Developing business applications is now very easy; even if you have no coding knowledge!


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.As a local software provider that has been used and trusted in the sector for many years, we have the privilege of being liked by many of our users who use our various solutions. You can see some of our users' comments on NETIGMA and our solutions that they value and like.

CEO Litera
"85% of the Electronic Document Management System' product got ready with Netigma."
T.R. Ministry of Commerce
"Only a few days were left for the completion of the project, thanks to Netigma we able to complete our project in a short time."
CEO / Prometus
"We excluded 75% of our code while transferring our MIS software to Netigma."


Netigma Mobile is a mobile application where basic features such as data entry, querying and mapping tools can be used. Applications developed on it can be used without any problems.


100% compatibility and uninterrupted performance on iOS and Android


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Remote Management

Flexibility to update the application interface wherever you are



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