Netcad World

We are on Top Again

The results of the survey to determine Turkey's Top 500 IT Companies were announced last night. Netcad, the first local company pioneering in the digitalization of spatial data in Turkey, has once again been ranked #1 in the GIS Category. On 9 August 2023, at an event, Sedef Ruken KÜÇÜK, Netcad's Director of Private Sector Business Development, received the award on behalf of the company.

Deniz Şanan, the CEO of Netcad, emphasizedthe importance of investing in R&D, developing cutting-edge technologies,and prioritizing the fulfillment of user needs, which become the foundation ofthe company's success. He also noted that Netcad has no intention of resting onits laurels and will continue to expand the horizons of scientific andtechnological innovations. In his speech, Deniz Shanan also expressed gratitudeto all employees, partners, and, of course, users who have accompanied thecompany throughout this journey.