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Netcad is in Indonesia

Due to travel restrictions brought about by the pandemic period, the company held its first webinar on August 25, covering the Indonesia region where its corporate office is located, instead of face-to-face promotion.

Thus, NETPROMine Mining Solutions made its debut in the Southeast Asian market with its new version that will compete in the international market. The solutions offered under the titles of NETPROMine Surveying, NETPROMine and NETPROMine Information Systems have attracted great interest in the Asian market.

52 engineers from the private sector, academicians from 13 local universities and senior officials from the Ministry of Mining and Energy, who participated in the webinar, obtained detailed information about NETCAD's Mining Solutions.

In the webinar, real project procedures were applied with NETPROMine, presentations were made about the design and planning stages of mining projects, and the technical questions of the participants were answered.

This international event has been an important step both to introduce Netcad Mining Solutions to potential software users in the Southeast Asia region and to increase brand awareness in the international market.