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Netcad Attended GeoMining Forum 2023

Netcad, a leading software developer in the Turkish mining and geology sector, participated in the International Mining and Geology Forum GeoMining 2023 held in Baku on October 26-27, 2023. The event brought together over 300 industry representatives from more than 30 countries.

Netcad was represented by International Business Development Experts Hatice AĞAZADE and Tuğberk KÜÇÜK, who garnered attention with their presentations. Tuğberk KÜÇÜK, in his speech, discussed Netcad's desktop solutions actively used by mining and geological enterprises not only in Turkey but also in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Indonesia. He also introduced the Netcad Academy program, which makes a significant contribution to training qualified personnel for the mining and geology sector.

Hatice AĞAZADE, on the other hand, introduced participants to the "Digital Universe" with Netcad's mining information system MABİS. In her presentation, AĞAZADE shed light on the importance of the license tracking system and mining and geological production monitoring system, emphasizing their significance in the industry. She also highlighted the numerous opportunities offered by the "Netcad Digital Universe," which leverages advanced IoT and IoB technologies.