Design and analyze your rain water and waste water projects with all their details; create hydraulic models by making hydraulic calculations.
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You can increase your productivity and efficiency by creating the most accurate projects in a short time.

km Canalization Project

Create and analyze rain water and waste water projects with all their details, create hydraulic models by making hydraulic calculations. Design your pipelines in your waste water and rain water projects, carry out the hydraulic solution of the project with all details and get your print outs in accordance with the standards


Main features of the product

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Technical Features
Easy Project Design
It can design pipelines of your waste water and rain wate rprojects, calculate domestic, industrial and basin flow, creates the same project with different probabilities and compare the resulting projects.
GIS Structure
We have templates or definitions prepared for you, the projects you create areautomatically stored in geographic information systems standards, suitable for sending to information systems. Any file type can be converted.
As-Built Projects
Automatically create projects from your data in Excel.  Automatically control the project you create and perform GIS queries.
Automatic Project Controls
You can control your project at any stage. You can list the pipes according to projects with adverse slope, exceeding land surfaces, having unsuitable minimum-maximum speed ranges, unitless flows and large excavation depths. You can list the manholes that do not contain elevation values close to a certain distance, not in basin/wastewater flow areas. You can update the project automatically according to your controls.
Export and Import Data from Different Software
Export projects and open data imported from different software, resume, change and update projects.
Hydraulic Calculations with Different Methods
You can automatically make your hydraulic calculations according to the desired head loss methods, fill rates, pipe types, back depths, fire depths amd speed ranges and flow rates you defined. You can lock the grade diameter of any line you want during the hydraulic calculations, or you can lock both the grade and diameters together. . You can fix any feature of any pipe with functional modifiers.

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Mehmet Fatih Fırat
Akelik Group OJSC
"Within the scope of the Construction of Water Supply and Sewerage Systems in Marnauliand Sewerage System and Collector in Bolnisi project, which is co-financed by the Asian Development Bank, Netcad Netpro software has significantly accelerated our ability to redesign our project. In addition to this, we are able to produce easy solutions for our as-built and progress payment works after application and shop-drawings delivered before application with our Netpro Canalise, Water and Excanet programs. In addition, we are constantly advancing ourselves and the contribution of the program to our project by working together with Netcad technical support team for other problems encountered during the project.."

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