85% of the geographic data generated in Turkey created with Netcad's software

Powerful CAD and GIS Functions on a Single Platform

Forming the standards of the sector with its experience of more than 30 years, Netcad offers powerful CAD and GIS functions on a single platform.

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Netcad GIS

Fast, Regulated and Smart Data Production

Defining standards in data production is one of the first steps to ensure controlled data production and to establish a cycle starting from the point where the data is produced until its presentation. You can start working based on this approach especially with Netcad data entry applications alongside planning and engineering applications.

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Netcad GIS

Digital Mapping

With Netcad solutions, you can take advantage of many data production options such as panoramic viewing and inventory extraction, Drone / LIDAR data mapping, as well as many tools such as data production and analysis from these data sources. NETCAD also offers solutions that enable the produced data to be integrated in one place and managed together with other systems and transformed into insightful information.

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Netcad GIS

Digital Reality, 3D Modeling

Developing technologies provide the opportunity to perform both planning and engineering processes and city management in a digital environment. While producing and presenting your data in 2D and 3D from planning and engineering to city management with Netcad solutions; you will have the opportunity to present, analyze and manage in 4D as well.

Data Infrastructure in National and International Standards

You can read, present and use data in compliance with both national TUCBS (NSDI) and international data sharing standards.


With Netcad applications, you can manage your plans and projects with the digital signature infrastructure, and provide service integrations, especially E-Government services such as TUCBS, TAKPAS... whose standards are already satisfied by our solutions.

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