With the combination of image processing and artificial intelligence algorithms,Udentify provide business intelligence solutions by obtaining object and human movement with the power of intelligent camera systems.


Main features

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Store Door / Headcount
The Product which executes instant head count of the in-store customer to produce real rotation ratio.
Age / Gender
The product is effective in-store product placement to marketing solutions by producing gender and age fraction of the customer.
In-Store Analytics
The Product can produce local turnover and volume analysis on the smallest local square footage.
Customer Basket / Direction Monitoring
The system can follow the consumer baskets and can calculate the waiting period on square footage. Also produce analysis by calculating the products sold together by the same consumer.
Staff Analysis
System can identify the right service points for the staff and create measures accordingly for the staff productivity.
Register Line Analysis
By reducing the duration onregister line, the system aims to increase the customer satisfaction and decrease the potential revenue loss.
Stock Tracking
Instant stock tracking helps the system to reduce potential customer loss by identifying the stock turnover and sends warnings when decreases on the high-density traffic movement.

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