Ulaş Aydıner

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software director

Ulaş Aydıner

Ulaş Aydıner graduated from Samsun Anatolian High School and Department of Computer Engineering of Hacettepe University. He also stayed in the United States as an exchange student during one year of his high school. When he was entitled to the managerial positions, he applied to Bilkent University Faculty of Business Administration's Executive MBA program to "learn the business from a business school" and graduated from here in 2019. As part of the program, he also attended a training program at the Ross School of Business of Michigan University.

He met the computer in 1988 with the Commodore 64. His curiosity, which started with the games at first, later evolved into "doing something" with the Commodore Basic, and this curiosity became the most important factor in his choice of profession. He took programming lessons during his high school education in the USA and here he met concepts such as server and network.

Throughout his professional life, he has worked in various organizations, including Siemens AŞ, in Turkey and abroad; has developed a wide range of applications, from GPS modem communication over RS-232 to mobile applications with IBM mainframe running at the back-end. He was one of the first team to develop Payroll Portal with 117,000 users of New York City Department of Education.He started working at Netcad in 2012, developed web, desktop and mobile applications, and returned to Netcad in 2018, one year after he moved to another company as a software manager. He is still working as Software Director at Netcad.

He is married and has one child.